Russian (rights available)

Ateljee and Ponjatno! are Russian series for lower and upper secondary schools.



Ateljee builds pupils’ language skills through speaking and doing. Pupils take an active role and communicate with others about topics relevant to them. Ateljee encourage pupils to use the language right from the start which makes learning Russian feel rewarding.

With Ateljee, the pupils have enough time to acquire the skills needed for everyday communication and for interpreting and producing different kind of texts. Ateljee is designed for teacher-led group learning. Pupils are gradually able to study more independently and the role of the teacher changes.

Ateljee 1 contains courses 1–3, Ateljee 2 contains courses 4–6 and Ateljee 3 contains courses 7–8 (digital textbook only).



Ponjatno! focuses on oral skills. In addition to speaking, reading, pronunciation, listening and writing, Ponjatno! includes grammar and Russian geography and culture. For example, in addition to studying and learning every day communication skills, with Ponjatno! we get to get acquainted with 32 Russian cities. In the book series there are lots of different text types keeping in mind the interests and the point of view of the students.

Ponjatno! 1 contains courses 1–3, Ponjatno! 2 courses 4–6 and Ponjatno! 3 courses 7–8.

Russian (rights available)

Student's Materials

The students can use the printed book and MP3-files or the digital book. The sound files includes authentic episodes featuring native Russian speakers, as well as vocabulary and expressions to enable pupils to produce natural-sounding speech.

The Ateljee books will also be released digitally. The Digital books have the same high quality content as the printed books. The exercises are interactive and provide instant feedback. The exercises can be done over and over again. Sound files of the texts help pupils practise listening, and they can record their own pronunciation. There are numerous ways to practise vocabulary, including flash cards. With the handy new vocabulary search, pupils can find the words they’re looking for quickly, along with their inflections and stress. The bookmark and highlight functions also make learning easier.

The Digital books and digital exercises work on the computer, tablet and also on mobile phones. The licence periods are for 6 months and 48 months.

Ateljee 1 merged text- and workbook

For years 8–9 and upper secondary (courses 1-3)
A1 skill level

The textbook give models of language usage and exercises to build pupils’ Russian skills systematically. In Ateljee 1 the focus is on spoken language.

Ateljee 1 the student’s sound files (app)

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Ateljee 1 - workbook

The exercise book includes tasks for practicing the vocabulary and structure as well as texts for practicing reading comprehension. The material will also be released in digital form.


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Ateljee 2 textbook

For upper secondary (courses 4–7)
A2 skill level

The textbook give models of language usage and exercises to build pupils’ Russian skills systematically. In Ateljee 2 the focus is on different text types.

Ateljee 2 the student’s sound files (app)

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Ateljee 2 - workbook

The exercises approach the language holistically while developing multiple skills.


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Ateljee 3

Russian for upper secondary (course 8)
A2 skill level

The third book of the Ateljee series will be released digitally. The book is split into too parts, the first part is based on course 8 while the second part, Abi-Ateljee, prepares the student for the matriculation examination. The book focuses of grammar.


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Teacher's Materials

Digital teaching material 

The digital teaching material includes the digital pupil’s book, sound files, support materials for the classroom and a test bank, as well as the ‘Reading group’ – a collection of brief easy-to-understand reading passages to practise reading comprehension and writing.

Ateljee Digital Tests

Digital tests are available for courses 4-8. The tests are meant to make the teachers job easier. They include tasks based on the new matriculation examination and helps the student gain the skills required to pass the matriculation exams.

The Ateljee 1–3 course related digital tests will be released int the autumn of 2018.