High five! – Primary English (rights available)

A New Primary English Series for grades 3-6

High five! is a new series that makes learning dynamic and gets pupils interested in working together. The exciting story about a secret book and fun illustrations help pupils learn without even realising they’re learning. High five! can be used with different weekly timetables and different ability levels. The innovative digital materials help to liven up lessons and differentiate instruction.

High five! – Primary English (rights available)

Pupil's Materials

Compelling stories and tasks makes learing English an exiting experience.

High five! 3 Texts

The richly illustrated pupil’s book, filled with a variety of text types, trains multiliteracy skills. Illustrated vocabulary and key phrases for each chapter are presented on a double-page spread, which can also be used for differentiated instruction for lower skill levels. Catchy chants reinforce grammar structures, and pronunciation practice is given in lively action stories. All chapters include songs and games. Faster learners will benefit from additional vocabulary and texts.

Look inside! (in Finnish)
High five! Sound files
High five! 3 Sound files, mp3

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High five! 3 Activities

The user-friendly workbook enables you to plan lessons flexibly. Each chapter starts by presenting and practising the key information. Then pupils dive into the illustration, story and grammar with a variety of tasks. Portfolio tasks help pupils to synthesise and deepen their understanding. The exercises are followed by a self-assessment page and additional tasks. Each lesson includes revision exercises, and there is a separate functional section for the last month of the school year.

Look inside! (in Finnish)

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High five! 4 Texts

High five! 4 Texts contains just like the previous book 16 chapters, including four chapters for revision. The themes in the fourth book are school, cities, countryside, and hobbies. The book also explores Great Britain: the pupil gets acquainted with Oxford, Liverpool, Wales and Edinburgh.

High five! 4 Sound files
High five! 4 Sound files, mp3

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High five! 4 Activities

The workbook for year four follows the same clear structure as the previous book.

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My activities – for students with special needs

The series supports differentiating instruction upwards and downwards. There is a separate My activities -workbook for differentiating downwards. My activities -workbook follows the same structure as the the Activities -workbook, but it has been designed to support pupils with special need.

Look inside! (in Finnish)

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Otava vocabulary

You can download the Otava vocabulary (Otavan sanastot) app for free from app stores.
(Available on Apple and Android , Windows)

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For Students

The High five! digital textbook includes the content from the print edition of the pupil’s book and workbook in a fun learning environment. Pupils select their own avatar to represent them in the games. As they complete tasks, they collect special prizes. Pupils receive instant feedback on games and exercises as they take responsibility for their own learning and study. You can monitor how many tasks pupils have completed and their scores, while learning paths guide pupils to focus on their own areas for development. The digital textbook also includes audio recordings and cultural videos as well as a comprehensive vocabulary search.

Additional Digital Activities

The additional digital activities provide interactive tasks and games for users of the printed books. Pupils receive immediate feedback on their performance and can use tools for self-evaluation.

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Teacher's Materials

Teacher's guide

The teacher’s guide offers extra tasks and games as well as lesson planning suggestions.

Look inside! (in Finnish)

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Evaluation Material

Versatile evaluation material is available as PDF and editable files.

Digital Tests

The teacher sends the digital tests electronically and the students answer the questions electronically. This way the tasks are corrected automatically by the system. Each student needs a computer and an internet connection during the test. The teacher can either give the student a personal test code or send a link to the test through e-mail.

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For Teachers

The digital teacher’s guide includes an interactive version of the textbook content (including karaoke function) as well as sound recordings and workbook exercises with clickable answers. Also included are a number of games, cultural videos and images with exercises to activate pupils’ skills, along with additional grammar exercises. The materials also include teacher’s materials and progress checks with listening tasks.

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Extra activities

With the help of the functional tips you can form pairs and groups to practice teamwork.

May section

In the end of each High five! -workbook you can find the May section that offers extra activities that sums up the year.

High five! 4 Activities May section: Outdoors (pdf) > (in Finnish)

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Let's Sing together

Listen to the song How Much is that Tuba in the Window? in the classroom and sing the karaoke version together. Read then the Steady vocabulary and do the tasks related to instruments.

Listen to the song and sing together >
Steady vocabulary (pdf) >
Tasks related to instruments (pdf) > (in Finnish)

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Christmas Tips

Print the Christmas tips from the new High Five! 4 book.

Print tip (pdf) >

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Code your robot

Print the fun High Five! board game Code Your Robot. The PDF-file includes game instructions and tips for the teacher.

 Print the game and the instructions (pdf) > (in Finnish)

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The High five! -series tips:

  • Let’s craft the witch’s cat!
  • Halloween bingo
  • Halloween walk
  • My ghost

Print the instructions and the bingo base (pdf) > (in Finnish)

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Party time!

Have a fun game party in the class. Print these game boards and instructions from the High Five! 3 book.

Party time – Game board

Party time! – Game instructions (in Finnish)

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Are you my friend?

The students are handed hearts broken in half. Each heart is cut in a different way. Music is playing in the background. When the music stops they ask the person closest to them ”Are you my friend?” and compare the hearts. If a match is found, the pair continues moving together until everyone has found their match.

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Find your friend

The class collects positive adjectives on the board. They write each adjective twice on pieces of paper. The papers are shuffled and distributed. The teacher tells the students to go around the classroom and tell each other: You are nice! You are beautiful! and so on. When they find a person with the same adjective, a pair is found.

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Snakes and ladders

Play with a pair or a group.
• Throw the dice and move forward according to the number on it.
• Say the colour, number, or item on the square in English.
•  If you answer correctly, you get to move one step forward.
• If there’s a ladder on the square, move up it.
• If there is a snake’s head on the square, move down to it’s tail.

Print the game board here

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(In Finnish. The English version will bee released soon!)