German (rights available) is a new German series for lower and upper secondary school focuses on the essentials of the German language and culture from the perspective of young people. The wide variety of texts address everyday situations for teenagers and encourage interaction in different ways. Every text is accompanied by a topic-based vocabulary list and exercises.

Grammar structures have been carefully chosen, based on various types of communicative situations. Grammar presentations are brief and concise.

There are plenty of exercises, which makes it easy to differentiate instruction. The exercises let pupils practise their basic writing and speaking skills individually, in pairs and in groups.


German (rights available)

Student's Materials

The course books are released as both printed and digital books. 1

Suited for lower secondary school and the first course in upper secondary. 1 follows the lives of Vanessa, Lukas, Felix and Karoline as pupils learn about the German language and German-speaking countries in the world. Pupils learn to introduce themselves and talk about their friends, hobbies, family and school. 1 Sound files (app)

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Suited for lower secondary school and for the second course in upper secondary. 2 takes pupils on a journey to Austria, where they couchsurf and learn about Vienna’s sights and festivals. Pupils will be able to arrange to meet a friend in a café, go shopping and handle practical matters during their trip. 2 Sound files (app)

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Suited for the third course in upper secondary.

The weekend is coming and you don’t have any plans? Could you imagine living on a train for a year? Open 3 and explore these interesting themes and many more!  At the same time you learn how to talk about yourself, your spare time, hobbies, family and housing. 3 Sound files (app)

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Suited for the fourth course in upper secondary.

What is spaghetti ice cream? Why do they talk German in Brazil? What does shaking your head mean in Turkey. 4 gives you the answers to these questions. You also hear about the experiences of a Finnish exchange student in Germany and you learn how to talk about Finland in German. 4 Sound files (app)

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Suited for the fifth course in upper secondary.

What is a good life? How does digitalization and technology affect our lives? 5 gives different perspectives to these questions. In this course you will learn to talk about past and future life changes, the consumption of media and eating habits. 5 Sound files (app)

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Suited for the  sixth course in upper secondary.

Berlinale or Wacken Open Air, which one interests you the most? Go on a culture journey with 6: music, art, museums and literature. All of this and more culture related things is the theme of this course. You learn how to explain how culture looks like in your own life. You also learn how to express and explain your opinions. 6 Sound files (app)

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Suited for the seventh course in upper secondary. 

After upper secondary you have to make big decisions: studying, working, being in charge of your own life – the whole future. How do you learn to learn? Would you like to study in Germany? What will you do after upper secondary? 7 Sound files(app)

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Suited for the eighth course in upper secondary.

How will climate change and new inventions affect our every day lives in the future? What kind of a globe will we leave for the next generations? Sound files (app)

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Otava vocabulary app

The App is available to download for free in app stores.

Read more digital book contains:

– the same texts, vocabularies and tasks as in the printed book
– sound file
– video materials from German speaking countries
– Otava’s vocabulary app, you can quickly search for words in Finnish and the target language.

The Digital book which means that the student gets immediate feedback. The task types in the Digital book are among other things:
– multiple choice
– drag-and-drop
– gap-fill
– writing.

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Teacher's Materials

Digital Teachers guide

The practical digital teacher’s guide is easy to use. It includes the digital textbook with sound files and videos, the answer keys for the exercises in the pupil’s textbook, supplementary lesson materials and lesson planning tips and advice.

Look at the digital teacher’s guide demo!

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Test bank

Contains test files and sound files (MP3). The tests in Microsoft Word format can be edited. The questions can be inserted in different documents.

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Pia-Helena Bär

Ines Crocker

Ritva Tolvanen

Heidi Östring