French (rights available)

A new French series for lower and upper secondary school!

J'aime follows the new Finnish curriculum and focuses on functional activities in which pupils utilise various types of authentic texts.

The teaching materials are based on teenagers’ interests and needs. Practical, everyday situations are used to teach grammar and vocabulary. This series is goal-oriented and focuses on the essentials, which motivates pupils to continue learning.

The materials include plenty of listening and pronunciation practice. Special attention is paid to improving pronunciation. Francophone countries and French culture are presented in an engaging way for teenagers, including through authentic video clips.

J’aime teaches pupils how to learn. It places great emphasis on improving study skills and utilising pupils’ existing knowledge of other languages and cultures.

  • The course books are also available in digital form, with interactive tasks.
  • The digital books include video materials from Francophone countries.
  • Otava's vocabulary app is available for free for Android, Apple and Windows devices.
  • The MP3-files are available to download.
  • The series prepares students for the digital matriculation examination.
  • Digital tests are included in the series.

J'aime 1: Lower secondary school or courses 1–2 in upper secondary
J'aime 2: Courses 3–4 in upper secondary
J'aime 3: Courses 5–6 in upper secondary
J'aime 4: Courses 7–8 in upper secondary

French (rights available)

Student's Materials

The course books are available in both printed and digital versions.

The digital textbook contains all the materials from the print textbook as well as sound files and interactive exercises, which give pupils direct feedback on their skills. The digital textbook also includes videos from Francophone countries around the world.

J'aime 1

Suited for lower secondary school and courses 1–2 in upper secondary.

Themes in J’aime 1 are the Francophone world, introducing yourself, going shopping and talking about everyday topics. Emphasis is placed on pupils’ active learning and individual goals.

J’aime 1 Sound files (app)

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J'aime 2

Suited for courses 3–4 in upper secondary.

In J’aime 2 pupils take part in an international exchange project. They get to know students from Martinique, Quebec, France and Portugal. The exchange students also visit Finland. Pupils learn how to introduce their capital city and home town to foreigners.

J’aime 2 sound files (app)

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J'aime 3

Suited for courses 5–6 in upper secondary.

Themes in J’aime 3 are friendship, family relations, identity, life style and health, Francophone culture and media.

J’aime 3 Sound files (app)

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J'aime 4

J'aime 4

Suited for courses 7–8 in upper secondary.

Themes in J’aime 4 are education, work and the world of the future.

J’aime 4 Sounds files (app)

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Otava vocabulary app

The Otava vocabulary app (Otavan sanasto) can be downloaded for free on Android, Apple and Windows devices.

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Teacher's Materials

Digital teacher's guide

The digital teacher’s guide includes instructions for using the materials, additional tasks (including differentiated tasks), answer keys to the exercises in the pupil’s book, a portfolio section, a special section on holidays, and the pupil’s digital textbook with sound files and video clips.

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Test bank

Contains test files and sound files (MP3). The tests in Microsoft Word format can be edited. The questions can be inserted into different documents.

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